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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Opportunity opens for Kiwi Indies

A bad week for NZ traditional publishing opens doors, closes some

Activitypress has startling news

It’s been a bad week for New Zealand publishing. On Tuesday, Pearson Education announced the imminent closure of its New Zealand office. The global publishing giant is restructuring to focus on ‘core’ and ‘emerging’ markets, and New Zealand is neither. And yesterday, Harper Collins joined the exit, announcing its plan to move most of its New Zealand operations, including editorial, to Australia.

Pearson Education’s sister company, the trade publisher Penguin, will probably face a similar fate shortly when it merges with Random House and chances are, even the combined entity is likely to be merged with Australian operations.

As he says, we’re now seeing the inevitable end-game brought about by digitisation. In spite of the enthusiasm of Kiwi workers to embrace digital technology, global publishers have done little to support their digital resourcing here, instead concentrating those digital efforts in bigger markets.

As he also comments, that makes business sense for large, global players but it’s bad for small countries like New Zealand which will continue to lose both economically and culturally — unless local players can step in to fill the gaps.

AND SO, it opens doors for Indies like Old Salt Press.   Hit the link at the top to read more.

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